Show Preview: Mystery Skulls

The list of things that can break me out of my Netflix-induced coma in the middle of a polar vortex is very, very short. On one particularly brutal night in January, a friend & I were questioning our life decisions as we headed down the long demonic wind tunnel to Terminal 5, determined to see Mystery Skulls play to a sold out crowd. 

But every soul crushing gust of wind and inconsolably long wait at a red light was rendered immediately worth it as soon as the one-man powerhouse took the stage—there wasn't a single person in the house standing still by the end of Mystery Skulls’ first song. Paired with a light show by 10print, the set induced a dance attack that was so manic, so fevered, it could only be described as otherworldly. We danced so hard and so unabashedly that it would not have surprised me to wake up the next day to find a video of us taking the internet by storm. We danced so hard and we were stone cold sober. We danced so hard that I may or may not have injured myself.

This weekend marks your very own chance to dance your heart out, sans polar vortex, as Mystery Skulls will be performing Friday night at Baby's All Right, and the late set on Saturday at Mercury Lounge. See you there.

By Ren Tarpley



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Time Flies
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